Connecting from your Android device to your host computer via adb

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Sometimes when I'm on the road, and using someone else's Wi-Fi (typically when I'm in a hotel), they will allow you to connect your phone and your laptop to the internet via their Wi-Fi. But, for security reasons, they typically won't allow your phone to connect to your computer over the Wi-Fi network. This make debugging certain applications quite difficult: I can't run a server on my laptop and have my phone connect to it.

But luckily, in recent versions of adb, a new command has been added: adb reverse. It's basically the opposite of adb forward, which lets you forward ports from the host to your device, adb reverse allows you to forward ports from your device to your host.

So let's say I have a server running on my host computer, listening on port 8080. I want my phone to connect to it, so I run:

$ adb reverse tcp:8080 tcp:8080

And then connect to on the phone and problem solved!

Like adb forward, the parameters correspond to server/destination ports. But in the case of adb reverse, the first parameter is the port on the device and the second is the port on the host you want to forward to.

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