New version of DblClk

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There's been another update to DblClk, but this one wasn't made by me. It was made by the very talented (well, more talented than me!) Andrew.

This version was written in MASM assembler, and compiles down to just 1 kilobyte (which is actually the minimum size of a PE executable).

Along with this version is a slight change in behaviour. Instead of uninstalling the hook by running it again with the –exit command-line parameter, you uninstall the hook simply by running the program a second time. This is probably more useful that the way I had it originally anyway.

I haven't tried this version myself yet (my laptop doesn't have a middle-mouse button) but I'll be sure to install it at work tomorrow.

You can download the new version here:

If anyone has any problems, comment them here and I'll be sure to pass it along. Thanks a lot Andrew, great job!

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